"There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience."
John Wooden
    The majority of businesses are run with integrity and are successful due to
    their hard work ethic and professionalism.  Even so, the negative actions of
    the leaders of a few companies taint us all.  Because of this, all businesses
    have to work harder to earn the trust of potential clients and the general
    public at large.  Following are the ethics that we conduct ourselves by and
    through our daily actions we will continue to take the high road thus helping to
    raise the standards of todays' dynamic global business economy.
  1. We shall respect the fundamental human rights of all people in all of our
    activities and shall not discriminate against individuals on the basis of their
    ethnic origin, race, nationality, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
    age or ability.
  2. We will comply with all laws, ordinances and international rules in the United
    States, sovereign tribal nations and other countries where we do business.
  3. Except where mandated by law, we will not disclose your information without
    your permission.
  4. We will not engage in activities that would reflect negatively, dishonor or
    cause distrust of our company.
  5. We will conduct our activities based on the most economically feasible
    consideration for the client, our company, the global environment and it's
    natural resources.
  6. We will avoid the "appearance of" or "actual conflicts of interest" and will
    immediately disclose in writing to the applicable client circumstances or issues
    that we believe may influence our judgment, credibility or objectivity in
    completing our contract.
  7. We will disclose any business relationship where there is a financial
    connection with any company we recommend using.
  8. We will offer to withdraw from a contract when we believe our objectivity or
    integrity will be diminished.
  9. We will refrain from recruiting an employee of a current client without
    discussing it with the client first.
  10. The contract will spell out the mutually agreed upon scope of work,
    deliverables, fees and method of payment before proceeding.
"....intellectual freedom is something that is to be respected, but not used
as a tool to oppress other people.  When your freedom starts to be the
tool that is used to oppress me, then you are doing something wrong.  
There is no ethical or moral way to defend that kind of action."
Paul Schultz
Traditional Healer
White Earth Tribal Nation
White Earth, MN
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